NGTL commenced its commercial functions on 01 April 2013 from Dhaka, Bangladesh establishing two parallel PoI

1) NRB, Khawaja Tower, Mohakhali, Dhaka
2) Coloasia, Red Crescent Borak Tower, Eskaton, Ramna, Dhaka

About Us

New Generation Telecom Limited (NGTL)is an Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Operator. NGTL started its era since April 2012 through a licensing procedure from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(BTRC). NGTL starts its commercial operation from 01st of April 2013. Major features of our technology are:

♦ Our main Equipment(Core) Vendor is NSN
♦ Secured Network through Juniper
♦ Maintain Key Performance Indicators(KPI) with 99.99% uptime.
♦ Support for SIP, H.323 and TDM based interconnects with protocol & codec conversion facility.
♦ Juniper router and switch, hiT and Tejas Multiplexer (MUX) have been used to provide flawless connectivity.
♦ World class wholesale billing system with iTech Solution Ltd.
♦ Class 4 NGN Switches for high QOS
♦ SMS/MMS Switching on demand
♦ 24 x 7 NOC with skilled support personnel.
♦ Network security ensured against network anomalies and DoS attacks.
♦ All critical network elements including Core, Transmission & Billing platform have been designed in 1+1 redundancy architecture.

NOC - The Network Operation Center Team

A number of qualified and result oriented professionals are leading the company round the clock to achieve its highest level of successes.

Work Style


• Routing/switching international voice calls between Local Telephone operators and International Gateway operators.
• Routing/switching inter-operator domestic voice calls.
• Routing inter-operator Short Message Service (SMS) & Multimedia Message Service (MMS) if required by local mobile phone operators.
• Providing Interface for Lawful Interception (LI) facilities.
• Providing Monitoring Facility of System for BTRC.
• ENUM, IMEI and Number Portability Services.
• Special code number, emergency number and call center number routing.

National Traffic

NGTL cater a significant number of national traffic every day without any congestion and maintaining a perfect KPI as per the SLA of national operators and by the law of state of the art.

International Incoming Traffic

NGTL is able to handle a large volume of international inbound traffic without any congestion and call drop. NGTL is always promised to maintain an excellent CCR, ASR & ACD to our valued partners ANS and IGW Operators.

International Outgoing Traffic

NGTL provides A-Z destinations international outbound traffic services which originated by ANS subscribers and routes through NGT towards IGW to foreign carriers.

Supports & Vendors

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Respectable Partners

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Respectable ANS Partners

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Respectable IGW Partners

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Contact Us

NGTL Registered Head Office:
Uday Tower (8th Floor) 57 & 57/A, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sharak Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Telephone: +880 2 9882814; +880 2 9882823
Fax: +880 2 8829083;

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